Welcome to the new Featherfreak.com!

Our website has changed and will continue to evolve as we add new products and shopping options.

While we work to get the new site fully functional we want your business.  Please view products using the Shop tab and then contact us using the Contact tab or directly.

Here you will find a great assortment of Salmon fly tying materials for tying Classic and Creative Salmon flies, Spey flies, Dee flies, Streamer flies and Trout flies for both Presentation and fishing use.

We have a broad range of products including feathers, birds, hooks, gut, dubbing, books, fishing and tying gear, and much more.

Check back often as our invenntory changes daily and as new items arrive.

If you don’t see what you want listed here, please email or call and I may have what you want or can get it.

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