Who We Are

I have been tying Salmon flies as well as an avid fly fisherman for just over 10 years. I got started after seeing a picture of a Jock Scott on a cover of a fly fishing magazine and have been “hooked” since. My very first fly to tie was a Jock Scott so you can imagine trying to get those materials together to tie this “Classic pattern” was challenge to say the least (Thank you John McLain for helping make that happen). Since then I have been collecting materials for tying these wonderful flies to a point of almost an “Obsession”, as many can relate I am sure. I have been selling materials for a few years on Ebay as Harrislifeisgood.503 and have sold all over the world my materials.

This website was inspired by a recent purchase/acquisition I made of Jens Pilgards recently. Jens who’s company is Fugl &Fjer Fluebinding located in Denmark has been selling materials for nearly 20 years to Salmon Tyers worldwide. Jens has retired this year and I am taking over where he left off (big shoes to fill there) selling to his clients the things he has been known for and successful for all of these years. A big part of the purchase was buying his inventory of white turkeytails as well as the process for dying the substitutes that have been such a big part of his business for the last several years. The substitutes include feathers like Banksian Cockatoo, Kori Bustard, Florican Bustard, Golden Pheasant and many, many more. I recently got to spend a week with Jens at his home in Denmark and learn his dying process for turkey subs and other applications but more importantly I got to pick his brain for a week. I also purchased just about every last feather he had collected all of these years, we found stuff in closets, nooks and even went upf in his attic and found great stuff. I will beoffering a wide range of materials from Jens collection as well as my own and others I have bought and will continue to buy new stuff as it comes available. Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is something special your looking for as well as let me know if you have things to sell that pertain to tying flies or fly fishing in general. My goal is to make sure you the buyer are happy as I always have in the past. Have had over 4000 sales in the past few years with a 100% positive sales rating and I have every intention to keep it that way so buy with confidence.

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